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Wallpaper Removal & Installation

We are the company to contact for wallpaper removal and installation in North York, Ontario. Are we talking about a dated wallpaper that must be removed and the wall behind it must be finished? Or, would you like to have new wallpaper installed?

In spite of what you decide and what you need, Painters North York is the company you can trust with the job. We have experience with wallpaper materials and such jobs – hence, ensure complete customer satisfaction. Plus, you don’t have to pay a small fortune to have the wallpaper removed or to have wallpaper installed. All rates are affordable and you can easily get a free estimate and consultation.

Wallpaper removal and installation North York residents may trust

Wallpaper Removal & Installation North York

Since we are experienced with wallpaper removal and installation, North York residents may trust us with such jobs. Removing wallpaper is often needed during painting jobs. A peeling wallpaper or a dated design doesn’t fit in a freshly painted home. And so, when the pros prep the surfaces, they remove wallpaper – as requested by the customer, address the wall blemishes, and then prime and paint.

Sometimes, there’s a need for new wallpaper installation. In such cases, the wall is still prepped so that the wallpaper will adhere right and look fantastic. Paying attention to details is what ensures the proper installation of wallpaper – and is also what sets our team apart from the crowd.

Number one team for wallpaper installation

Seeking a wallpaper installer? Contact our team. Nowadays, there’s a sea of wallpaper options and not only in terms of design but also in terms of material. Let us assure you that the wallpaper installers have worked with all materials. They know how to adhere different wallpaper materials on different wall materials for a long life span and good looks. What’s also important is that the wall’s flaws are addressed and the surface is primed before the wallpaper is installed. This doesn’t only ensure the even installation of wallpaper – hence, its impressive appearance but also makes wallpaper removal easier – should you ever decide to remove it.

Trust us with wallpaper removal

Do you just want to book the removal of wallpaper? No problem. Whether it’s made of fabric or paper, the pros are equipped as demanded and have the experience to remove wallpaper. This is not always easy. While some sections may come off easily, some other sections may not. Or they may cause wall damage. With our well-prepared and expert team, the job is done in a proper manner from start to finish. Once the wallpaper is removed, the wall blemishes are tackled. Depending on the wall’s condition, the pros may have to fill cracks, fix holes, and patch drywall. When the imperfections are addressed, the wall is sanded, primed, and painted the color of your choice.

What do you need right now? Are there wallpaper bubbles and you want to book wallpaper removal and painting? Want wallpaper installed? Do you want both wallpaper removal and installation in North York? In any case, contact us.