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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Imagine having the looks of your kitchen boosted without actually paying the price of a remodel! That’s possible with kitchen cabinet painting. North York Ontario kitchens have been transformed entirely when the cabinet painting job was assigned to our company.

At Painters North York, we have the knowledge, the expertise, and the experience to ensure your complete satisfaction. Kitchen cabinets of all sizes, styles, designs, and materials are refinished to look good again, even better than ever before, while the service rates are budget-friendly. If wear is apparent or you are not happy with the color of the kitchen cabinets, painting is the way to go and our company the team to call.

For flawless kitchen cabinet painting, North York residents should call us

Kitchen Cabinet Painting North York

Our company’s experience in home kitchen cabinet painting services in North York is one very good reason for choosing us for the job. And it’s not the only one. Our team gets word-of-mouth recommendations due to our knowledge, the way we approach each job, the attention we pay to all details.

By entrusting the job to our company, you can be sure that all cabinets in your kitchen can be refinished. Over the counter and under the counter cabinets, kitchen islands, drawers, freestanding cabinets – the works, all cabinets can be painted. To do the job correctly, we appoint a paint contractor to come and take a look, discuss with you, find out which colors you prefer, help you make decisions, check out the space and the material of your cabinets.

That’s to give you a tiny idea of how serious we are about our work. And then, the kitchen cabinet painters take over. They come out as scheduled and fully prepared for the service. They remove the cabinets, the doors, the drawers – all parts that will be painted and prep them with the same diligence they prep the whole kitchen. And such things are some of the reasons why we excel at such jobs. We don’t only ensure exceptional results but also that the entire service is done with minimum or no hassle for you.

With expert kitchen cabinet painters, the job is properly done

You can trust our company with your kitchen cabinet painting service and be certain that the environment is not affected by fumes or strange odors. We use quality paints, the most advanced methods, eco-friendly products to boost your kitchen, refresh the cabinets, without inflicting any damage.

We work with North York painters that have the skills to finish all materials and the knowledge to use the appropriate coatings for long-lasting results. Kitchen cabinets are subject to high levels of moisture and are used daily, a lot. The quality of the paints, the excellent way the painting job is done, the expertise of the pros, our commitment to you all contribute to one thing: the best results. Your refinished kitchen cabinets will look amazing and last for a long time, while you will only pay a fraction of the money you would have to spend if you decided to replace them. Isn’t that fabulous?

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Tell us. Are your cabinets rather worn and you want to refresh their looks? Want to change the color to modernize your kitchen? Are you on a tight-budget right now but still want to spruce up the kitchen? We are the team to call. And if you consider that we are a full-service painting company, we are the only team you need to call whether you want only the cabinets painted or the entire kitchen painted! Care to get an estimate for your North York kitchen cabinet painting job? Why don’t you contact us?