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Crown Molding & Trim Painting

Assuming you want to make an inquiry about a crown molding & trim painting in North York, Ontario, we like to assure you of our team’s experience in such jobs. Painting trims and crown molding requires expertise, knowledge, and experience. Allow us to point out that such architectural details are not all the same. The materials vary as much as the profiles. And then, the colors chosen for the crown molding and baseboard painting, for example, will define the looks of the interior. Wait a minute. You want the interior trims painted, right? Because if you want the exterior trims refreshed, Painters North York is still the team to contact.

North York crown molding painting & trim painting experts

Crown Molding & Trim Painting North York

We have already established that when it comes to crown molding and trim painting, North York homeowners can count on our company. And we have already said that you can count on us for exterior and interior trim painting jobs. Let us also add that you can book this service or have the trims painted along with the rest of the house. In a nutshell, our company is at your disposal for any painting job – as long as you seek trim painters with experience in North York, you can depend on our team.

From baseboard painting to crown molding painting, count on us

There’s a variety of trimwork in most houses – often, in working places too. There are crown moldings, chair rails, wainscotings, window casings, baseboards, picture rails, door casings, and wall trims. Do you want all of them painted? Just crown molding painting? Would you like to have the doors, frames, and casings painted? Whatever you decide and whatever you want, it’s good to know that our company has experience with all trim painting jobs.

Do you want to simply refresh the white trim color? Do you want to explore other color options to make millwork interesting? Let’s talk about all that. After all, we usually send a contractor to the home to check the trims, make a note of their condition, speak about the process with you, offer color consultation, and provide an estimate for the painting service. Would you like to do that? You don’t pay for the estimate and have no obligation either. This is the chance to discover the best trim color options for your place, learn details about the work process, and get an idea of the overall cost.

Have trimwork painted to a T – choose our painting team

Let our team point out that the North York painters address all trim flaws before they apply coatings. Are your trims old and wooden, and all they need is staining? Their flaws are still addressed. No wonder the trims – anything from the cornice moldings to the baseboard – look fantastic once the job is completed. Their imperfections are addressed and the painting job is thoroughly done. Are you ready to breathe some life into the old trims? Contact us. Tell us that you seek North York crown molding and trim painting experts and we’ll take it from there.