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About Us

About Us

At Painters North York, we are a professional team with years of experience and available for complete services. The service may include anything from interior to exterior painting and anything that comes in between – drywall repairs, wallpaper removal, kitchen cabinets finishing – just to give you an idea. So, what do you say? Are you interested in learning more about our team – to be more accurate, about the North York painting services and how we work?

The North York painters to contact for all local jobs

We are the team to contact if you seek painters in North York, Ontario. Breathe easy for we serve all local needs.

  •          Interior painting services may involve the whole home or just sections of it, like the doors, one room, the basement, the cabinets, et cetera.
  •          Same thing with the exterior. The painting service involves the siding, the doors and the windows, the deck, the fence – all sections.
  •          Of course, you can contact us for commercial and residential painting services. The job may be at any residence – from a family home to a condo. And at any business, from a firm and private practice to a warehouse.
  •          Residential or commercial, painting services start with prep work. And this often includes much more than softening the surface. That’s because most surfaces have flaws and imperfections – if not damage. And so, the pros start their work by fixing drywall, filling cracks, patching holes, repairing ceiling imperfections, et cetera – whatever is needed.

There’s no roof to the painting services

Speaking of the preparatory stage of any painting job, if there’s wallpaper, it can be removed. If there’s a popcorn ceiling, it can be removed. What we also like to add at this point is that our company is available for drywall repair and painting. Or popcorn ceiling removal and refinishing. You don’t have to book a full painting job to contact us for such services. After all, all such services require proper surface finishing and who would be most suitable than experts in such tasks and professional house painters?

All the times you may need commercial or home painters, North York’s most devoted ones will be at your service. Since not all projects are the same, we send painting contractors to talk with you, provide color consultation, inspect the structure and the surfaces, and offer an estimate. This is a free-no-obligation estimate, mind you. So, don’t think about it. If you are planning to have the office or home painted, reach us to make an appointment.

The painting company you can trust today and always

Putting your trust in our hands is a good decision. And not only because we are available for all painting services but also because all services start off on the right foot and are completed to your complete satisfaction. Because the paints are suitable for the material and the surface, and all work needed before the painting is excellently done.

We are one of those painting companies that keep the customer at the core of the business. Our job is to transform properties and thus, breathe new life into them while at the same time boosting your environment and making you happy.  Don’t worry about anything – not even the cost. As we said, we provide free quotations and will be happy to talk about your project. Make contact with us. Tell us what you want and let the best in North York painters take over. Don’t you want the best on the job?